To pitch up the One-Pole-Tipi a pole of about 3m length is needed. As an option a divisible pole can be used. In addition wooden pegs or metal pegs for the tipi-loops and the spanning ropes are necessary.

The pole has to be placed in the hood of the tipi. Use the spanning ropes at the hood to bring the tipi in a preliminary form and close it with the pins. The door goes to the second pin. Now get the pegs and erect the tipi properly. The canvas should be stretched until it reaches the ground. This is essential because no inner lining is in use and therefore any airflow is prevented from underneath.

At the inner side of the smoke flaps two additional pockets are attached. Look for two 1m long sticks to bring the smoke flaps in form. Use the 4 spanning ropes
of the smoke flaps to adjust them accordingly. It is helpful to place a pole in front of the tipi entrance to fix those ropes. You can use an additional rope from the door pin to the lower ropes of the smoke flaps to stretch the entrance. This method gives you more space inside the tipi and makes it easier to get into.

As a second choice you can use the One-pole-Tipi as a regular tipi with 9 to 12 poles. Herefore the loop at the outside of the hood needs to be fixed at the last erected pole. Two pockets for the smoke flaps poles are already there. For more information please refer to the page Pitching the Tipi

There consists a third choice how you can use the One -pole-Tipi! As a hanging tipi if no pole is available. Use the same loop as before and mount the tipi with a rope onto a branch or anything else. To finish the pitching use the instructions above.