Camp in spirit – The One-Pole-Tipi™

Einstangen Tipi Einstangen Tipi

The One-Pole-Tipi™ is a quick and easy to erect Tipi for all those who cannot do without a tent or a Tipi when trekking, biking, riding or any other outdoor activity. The main feature when comparing a Tipi to a regular tent is the possibility of having a fire inside. This of course is a great advantage for creating atmosphere and for when it is wet and cold outside.

When erecting the Tipi you only need one pole which can easily be found in the woods near by or if you prefer you could also use a divisible pole. The one pole is placed in the centre of the Tipi with ropes coming down from the top of the pole and secured to the ground at the required distance from where the pole touches the ground. The ropes actually perform the same function as the poles of a conventional Tipi. This will ensure the typical conical shape of a Tipi.

The canvas is placed over the ropes and secured to the ground with wooden pegs, either supplied by us or collected from the woods near by. Ropes are also used to control the smoke flaps. If you do not have a pole then the Tipi can be hung (Hanging-Tipi) from a tree or a line and secured to the ground as in the case of the One-Pole-Tipi. In addition it can be used as the conventional tipi with a set of poles.

Einstangen Tipi Einstangen Tipi

Although individual sizes are available the standard diameter of the One-Pole-Tipi is 3.2 meters. The weight of the Tipi is 4 kilograms and it is big enough for 5 people.
The canvas (310g/m²) that is used is resident to: water, mold, mildew and ultra-violet radiation.

Price: Euro 495,- excluding VAT.