Our lining is about 160-210cm high depending on the size of the tipi. Follow this link quality of the canvas to look at the specification of the material! In general the lining comes in three pieces. At the lower end a 40cm plastic strip is added. This plastic strip cannot rot and should be in contact with the ground.

Mounting of the lining

Before you start mounting the lining a thin rope of about 2,4-4mm should be placed around each pole and circled inside the tipi accordingly to the height of the lining. To start mounting the lining use one of the door poles.

Add short strings of the rope to each loop and attach it to the rope in circle. Use knots which can be opened easily to adjust the proper height of the lining.It is necessary to overlap the three pieces of the lining to prevent an airflow in between.

Finally press the lining parallel to the tipi canvas. Than put stones, sand or pieces of wood onto the plastic strip and make sure no airflow comes underneath.

Have fun – Your Tipi-Workshop Team